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SMM promotion in social networks - SMOService promotion system

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Good evening to you!

Monitoring of prices for likes (hearts, I like) on VKontakte and the Internet.
The monitoring involves both private offers and offers of various free exchange services: likes, reposts, comments, subscribers for groups and personal pages on VKontakte. Also on vkfinans.ru you can find out with the help of which wrapping and promotion services it is more convenient, faster and more profitable to use. Be sure to see the menu, there is plenty to choose from and which service is better to use the site.

So, let's begin! And we will start by introducing those who do not know and do not understand what likes are and why they are needed!

Why do we need likes (hearts, “I like”) in VKontakte?

Some people do not understand why they need likes in VKontakte. The answer is simple: in order for a person to demonstrate that he likes the post, and the author of the post - to see that the record caused positive emotions among users. Why would the author know how many users liked the post? In order to keep abreast of user preferences and know what kind of information should be placed in a group or public.

Change on the website LIKEST.RU

09/15/14 Changes have occurred on the LIKEST.RU website! There was a restriction on the creation of likest likest coupons, accounts that did not pass SMS verification by mobile phone number. Most likely, likest service violators will now be blocked not only by ip (ip), but also by mobile number.

Details and details about Likest see here

Why do I need VK price monitoring for VK likes?

So that you can find out and choose the best price for selling or buying likes on VKontakte.

We all looked! We show you everything!
Average price on the Internet.

Price in kopecks
 1 LIKE 0.10-0.15 kopecks
 100 LIKES can be bought at 0.13-0.33 kopecks per unit
 1000 LIKES can be bought at 0.20-0.34 kopecks per unit
Prices for Likes on VKontakte depend on how much you buy.
So for example, if you buy 1 (one) Like, it will cost see the table.
If you buy 100 (one hundred) Likes, then it will cost see table.
If you buy 1000 (thousand) it will cost see table.
The price of Laiki varies from quantity, the larger the quantity, the cheaper the price!

Today they offer to sell or buy likes at a price:
Current Likest Likest coupon prices.

 100 10.10-02.20
 200 02.90-06.50
 300 04.00-07.50
 400 05.90-09.40
 500 07.90-08.10 06.80-12.90
 1.000 15.20-19.90 12.40-18.70
 2.000 24.30-35.60 24.90-35.90
 5.000 78.80-87.90
 10.000 158.10-280.60
The table shows more or less accurate prices only for the MINIMUM price indicators for purchase and sale. Since the MAXIMUM price indicators are very different and can reach up to 100.00 rubles per 1000 Likes VK! (likes) The basis is taken of the most famous and popular online stores and private sellers of coupons.

* The column “buy” shows the price for which users of the likest service “stably” buy. The price above that is usually ignored.

Below on the page are links of people who sell or buy Lacest likest coupons on VK Likes. They provide promotion services and promotion of groups, publics, pages, etc. in social networks. Links on the site are provided for FREE.

id in VK. SELL OR BUY:
Due to the fact that there are a lot of complaints about the dishonesty of sellers, it was decided to delete the table with the "selling" VK accounts. In order not to mislead site visitors.

ONLINE Account stores selling coupons LIKEST LIKEST LAKEST

When selling coupons in online stores, it is advisable to use ruble amounts without cents. Since from ruble wallets (Qiwi), the sums with copecks are not transferred correctly!

Be careful when buying and selling.
Placing links on the site is not a guarantee of honesty of the seller or buyer.
Leave your feedback about those who sell and buy.

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